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Welcome to My World!! a world filled with "Missing Pieces"

Hello, and welcome to the world according to Debra!  You will find me to be an amusing  & witty antidote to whatever you think about people like me - ummmm, what is that exactly????

I am an outgoing, outspoken, direct, honest (even if its hurts) kind of person.  I think that is why I have lots of nicknames... here are a few of my favorites: 

"Shameless Agitator"   
"The Question Girl"  
"Ada Patada"
"Boss Little"
"Adams Apple"

I love to talk. I love my family (ALL of them!).  I love my friends. I love to travel. I love to meet new people. I love to learn about cultures, including my own. I love to read. I love to take naps.  I LOVE chocolate.

I am motivated by my grandchildren - eight, so far!

I am inspired by my beautiful children - four, plus their significant others!

I am passionate about my work - intervening, eliminating & preventing domestic violence, sexual violence, rape, incest, child abuse & neglect, dating violence, stalking, sex trafficking, bullying, racism, sexism, oppression, hunger, poverty, homelessness - any and ALL forms of violence.

Did I say I love my work??? So much so, it doesn't even feel like work, most days.

Well, and today - did I say I love today???!?!  December 7, 2013.  Today is the launch of my new book!  and I am one of the 27 co-Authors of this beautiful anthology... I am so excited about this international book, and proud to be part of the team who created this enlightening epistle. Really, each chapter is filled with storytelling by a woman who has faced something traumatic & frightening, and yet, lived to overcome to tell of it!  We tell our story from the heart, from our heart to your heart!

If you are looking for hope, for inspiration, for tips and strategies to assist you along your own journey - this book is for you. Don't delay, purchase it now and turn the page on your own story! 

Remember that you once loved yourself enough to be healthy and happy...this book, "The Missing Piece: A Transformational Journey" will take you in that direction, once again...

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Survivors Helping Survivors

My friend, Michelle, recently got married! She lives in the U.K. We are both part of a community created by The Missing Piece book series... this is a group of compassionate and passionate women who love to assist others, hoping to inspire others to reach greatness by sharing our particular life journeys and the pathways leading to success. This book was released in December 2013.

The next anthology in this series was released in March 2014. In this book, we shared business strategies and the practices and beliefs that propelled our personal business success. Michelle and I wrote our chapters, as well as 24 other wonderful authors.

Just when things were going exceedingly well, my friend ran into a blip....this is the type of blip one is never prepared for and does not voluntarily seek out.  You see, interpersonal violence can be devastating. It shows no mercy and spares no can happen to any one of us, at anytime.

So I am asking YOU, if you can do anything to support this amazing…

Debra SeS: Deal with it!!

This is me, so deal with it!

no longer will I pretend to like the clothes you like, especially when I think they are ugly...

no longer will I lie to protect you, you deserve to know the truth...

no longer will I be "NICE" so your feelings don't get hurt, they are your feelings and you are in charge of them...

no longer will I allow you to speak for me, I have my own voice...

no longer will I watch sporting events non-stop every weekend, when I prefer to read a book...

no longer will I wear my hair long,because I love my short hair!

no longer will I live in fear of your opinion, my opinion matters more to me...

Look out now, I have put on my BIG GIRL Panties, so you will have to deal with it!!

Always Yours,

Debra K. Adams, MA
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My Wild and Whacky Week

Yes, it has been that kind of week! for me, at least.....

As an activist / advocate / radio show host / speaker / author, it has been jam packed with events and causes and issues!

Last Monday, I put on my Program Director and Co-founder hat for the National Women's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation to attend a meeting with a group of volunteers who may possibly select our nonprofit as the beneficiary of their fundraising event!  That was exciting because we have not found a 'niche' event to become our annual event. I found it invigorating to answer their questions and absorb their enthusiasm, too. What a great way to start off the week.

Tuesday is my radio show... named "Debra SeS" on Bold Radio Station on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm PST. I always look forward to meeting the guest and the sharing of information we exchange. Guess what? My guest was a "no show." Goodness, what is a girl to do?  Well, the show must go on, you know, so I jumped into it …