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International Bestselling Author! The Missing Piece: A Transformational Journey on the bestseller list!!

I cannot believe it - in one day!!

This is truly amazing to me... yesterday I was an international author, and today

"International Bestselling Author"

Remember when you were a child, you have a long list of career aspirations for  adulthood??

Being a writer was not even on my list! Let alone, achieving this level of recognition!! So, how did I get to this juncture in my life?

Reading has been a lifelong love for me. As a young child in the 1960s, I suffered many earaches and sore throats, prior to the discovery of the efficacy of penicillin. This impacted my ability to hear. Since reading lips was difficult, I chose to 'bury my nose' (my family constantly teased me with this phrase) a book at all times - this was my excuse for not hearing what people were saying to me. The advent of penicillin saved my hearing. With much scarring left on my eardrums and still being plagued by earaches, even as an adult,  minor deafness is one of my health concerns.

I guess I might credit my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Kennedy, who used a unique consequence for non-stop talkers like myself. I copied many pages of the classroom dictionary. The purpose was to deter my talking, but what happened is this:  I developed a love of words, their meaning and uses, their connection to language and culture, about prefixes& suffixes, nouns, verbs, adjectives & adverbs and more!

Writing began in earnest for me, as a tool of remembering who I was before the 17 year violent marriage. I learned about 'stream of consciousness' writing (Morning Pages) from "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron.  Then I discovered 'daily pages' from "Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

In 1997, I faced a double medical trauma: fibroid tumors and lump in my breast, at the exact same time and ending in surgery.  This spurred an extremely emotional creative wave of poetry and short stories. In 1999, I returned to college which initiated a long period of academic writing (including my Bachelor's and Master's thesis) and work-related articles.

In 2008, I participated in an anthology, powered and driven by survivors of domestic violence. My chapter is named "Debra's Story" in "Why Doesn't She Just Leave? Real Women, Real Stories" (see cite below). I am very proud of this project. It completely captivated me and whet my appetite for more!

Fast forward: December 7, 2013. Book Launch Day. Up to yesterday, within our secret FaceBook group, we had been discussing the possibility of our anthology being a best seller on Amazon. Of course, I thought that sounded really wonderful...not sure I had the same level of faith as some of my collaborators, however. Listening to my intuition, I gave way to the will of the group and rode their wave of belief and enthusiasm...

December 8, 2013: Ta DAAAAA!  We did it!! And I am forever indebted and forever grateful for our Publisher/Leaders Team, for their unwavering skill and dedication, and to my collaborative Author/Sisters for opening their hearts and sharing their vulnerabilities!
Click here to purchase the Book!




(Adams, D.K. (2008.) Debra’s story. In Stark, H., & Watturs E. (Eds.), Why Doesn’t She Just Leave? Real women, real stories: A new perspective on domestic violence(pp 53-59). Woodinville, WA: Pacifik Publishing.)


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