Thursday, December 12, 2013

Debra SeS, "Be THAT Guy!!"

A new public health approach to fighting violence in all its forms against women is being promoted by NASCAR to its fans via its Jumbotron with an animation delivering this message, 

“#BeThatGuy. Stop violence against women in its tracks.”

This is awesome! It is every anti-violence against women advocates' dream, to have the sports industry working to prevent and eliminate this violence. Using animation, or cartoons, if you prefer, is a very engaging method to catch the eye, and the attention, of a captive audience, such as those who are watching car races! 

and here is the video

The video was a collaboration between Grazie Media, a Toronto-based business that programs public service announcements on Jumbotrons for U.S. sporting events and Breakthrough, a global leader, says in its own words, “use(s) the power of arts, media, pop culture, and community mobilization” to get men to discourage other men’s violence. Mallika Dutt, the group's founder, said that Breakthrough’s goal is global — “to make violence against women unacceptable.''

We also call this By-Stander Intervention.  This model began in the 1990s as a means to affect social and cultural norms - to create long-lasting and real change in attitudes about violence against women. The key is to have peer-to-peer accountability, or man-to-man, in this case. Men holding other men accountable is the primary goal of engaging sports culture in ending the war on women.The public health perspective is that violence against women is a behavioral epidemic that culture can have power to discourage and eliminate.

So I am thrilled to see this is happening, this is creating social and cultural change for the good of all! 

Thank you to Grazie & Breakthrough for delivering this message, on behalf of all survivors/thrivers/overcomers/ of violence against women!

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