Saturday, December 7, 2013

Check out my book The Missing Piece: A Transformational Journey – It Could Change your Life!

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Collaborators;

I recently went through an incredible experience that I need to share with everyone I know! I think we can agree that everyone goes through hard times in life – I have done so myself. As the saying goes, at one time I was so down, there was no place to go but up! I was discussing this phenomenon with my friend and colleague, Kate Gardner, and discovered we’d had very similar experiences. Wondering whether there were other women out there who had gone through hardships – and prevailed – gave rise to The Missing Piece.

I joined with a group of women to collaborate on writing about building your life back up from its very foundations, recapturing happiness and productivity. It has been inspiring to see how many ways there are to rebuild! And as a result of this experience, now I can state that I am an Internationally Published Author in the anthology The Missing Piece! Take a look!

Many people go through crisis periods when it seems like the future is almost hopeless. Bleakness and despair can set in and even take over your way of thinking. The Missing Piece is a compilation of writings that can show you that it doesn’t have to be like this – you can use your situation to rebuild and reinforce your existence from the bottom up!

This exceptional book was written by people Kate gathered together to produce a priceless support tool. In her words, “All the amazing souls in this book are living proof that it is possible to thrive in life after such trying times.” Kate united 27 women from all around the world to create The Missing Piece, a source of hope and inspiration to people who have been hit hard by life.

If you are trying to bounce back from adversity, you must get this book. You have the power within yourself to build a life of stability and meaning. Take the first steps with The Missing Piece! It’s available right now on Amazon. You gotta get it!

Sending Self Empowerment Strategies to Empower YOU, 

Debra K. Adams, M.A.

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