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Debra SeS: International Women's Day & Women's History Month

March 8 is the day we celebrate everything about being a woman - isn't that fun??

International Women's Day started in 1909 and is a national holiday in many countries!

Below is Rosie the Riveter, have you ever seen this image? This image of Rosie is iconic for women in the USA. There really is a woman who inspired this image - she worked in the factory when all the young US men went to World War II. The sad part of the story is that she lost her job when the men came home...that is when women starting looking for other work and professions, beyond wife and mother.  Yes, that is right, this is when we discovered we could have it all.

It is very appropriate we have the day on March 8, because March is the month we celebrate our history, which I love to call Herstory! Ever wonder why we began marking March in this manner?  Well, click this link, and you will discover the reason!

The Birth of Women's History Month | Womens eNews

Top 10 Women's Activists

As  women who are celebrating and working to improve conditions for all women and girls, we are also trying to change social and cultural norms. In order to accomplish this task, we invite our men into our movement!

Calling all men! It's time YOU take a stand against ‪‎Violence Against W‬omen. Raise your voice & join the HeforShe‬ campaign. 

click here for information on this campaign to include our brothers, fathers and sons...


Now it is up to us, as unique and engaged individuals....
what will you do, to inspire change in the world to improve the lives of women and girls?

Always Yours,
Debra K.Adams, M.A.

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This is me, so deal with it!

no longer will I pretend to like the clothes you like, especially when I think they are ugly...

no longer will I lie to protect you, you deserve to know the truth...

no longer will I be "NICE" so your feelings don't get hurt, they are your feelings and you are in charge of them...

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no longer will I live in fear of your opinion, my opinion matters more to me...

Look out now, I have put on my BIG GIRL Panties, so you will have to deal with it!!

Always Yours,

Debra K. Adams, MA
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