Friday, April 14, 2017

What are you missing?

What is missing in your life? Is it love? Is it adventure? Is it serenity? Maybe you want to write a book? Go on vacation?

If you go through your days, placing one foot in front of the other, feeling bored, stuck, sad, numb, or any number of emotions, it is time. It is your time.

First you will want to identify what is missing. How do you do that?  "Think it over, think it under!" says Winnie the Pooh.

I always begin by making a list of the top 100 things I want to do.

Remember when everyone was writing their "bucket list"? This list was written by a man who had received the news that he would die within a year from cancer. He wasn't ready for that ultimate ending yet. By accomplishing all the items on his Bucket List, he then achieved a sense of peace and acceptance about his life's demise. Even my grown kids were talking about doing things from their bucket list! It was a trend, for sure. We can always glean little bits of wisdom and encouragement from movies with a moral or life lesson to be shared.

My point is this, not to focus on dying, but begin to think of all the possibilities and opportunities that are open in the universe. I usually run out of ideas to place on my list but I stick with it - day dreaming helps! Sometimes I return to my childhood for inspiration. For instance, I wanted to be a cowgirl, or a Radio City Rockette in New York City.

What about baking my own bread at home, like my mom always did? It was the best bread and made the entire house smell heavenly while in the oven. I will always remember eating the buns, fresh and hot, melting the butter before it could hit my tongue. What a yummy memory to recreate and take me out of the doldrums!

From this reverie, I begin to think of something new I can do. A challenge - to break up the sameness of daily living - even if you love your life, monotony creeps in. Hmmmm, maybe it will be salsa dancing for me? I have to find my red dress!

Whatever you are looking are capable of making it happen. Seek and ye shall find! Did you know that? YOU have the power within yourself. Because you are empowered. Open your tool box filled with Self Empowerment Strategies. Pull out your dreams, your desires and dust them off, because you are going to take them for a ride!