Sunday, April 10, 2016

DebraSeS: Sunday Serenity

I love is a day I can slow down, spend some time enriching my life or ruminating on the future.

Last night, my son Mike invited me to babysit while they attended a friend's wedding. Perfect opportunity to play with my three grandchildren: Jaxon is 11; Kennedy is 8; and, Lincoln is 5!

Upon arrival, I was greeted with shouts of joy and foam rubber dart shot at me. Hugs all around and high level chatter caused by all three of them talking at once! A most important discussion began on the topic of what to eat. After a dinner of burritos, we talked about my plans to move to Miami, Florida. My granddaughter Kennedy is sad because I will not be able to come to her birthday party in August. :-(  We made a Wish List of things for us to do when they come to visit me: swimming in the Atlantic Ocean; swimming with dolphins for Kennedy; seeing Universal Harry Potter world for Jaxon; and even going to see where the alligators live! SNAP!

We explored their new camper. We tried all the buttons and all the beds. We found out how all the lights turn on, but we can't use the bathroom since we are parked next to the house. The pull out was discovered which gave us so much more space. It has a roll up awning. OOPS, we got some tree branches caught it! Not to worry - it is fixed. Jaxon and Kennedy each have their own bunk beds and Lincoln will hunker down with Gramma Debbie. We were all sleepy, so after all were settled and snug under covers ...light out!!

For breakfast we had orange fruit and waffles while talking about things they have been doing in school, going to soccer practice, which books they are reading, and all kinds of funny things! It was so much fun for us all.

This time spent with my son's family was so enjoyable, We really connected with each other and I came away feeling very fulfilled.

On my way home, I began my ruminations. First of all, I got to drive through the Columbia Gorge (Washington side) which is GORGE-ous! As I drove east along the great Columbia River, the tall evergreen trees towered and the curves of the two-lane highway soothed, I felt so lucky, so blessed.

Secondly, driving the forty miles to my home in the lovely town of North Bonneville, became a rolling meditation for me. I had enlightening thoughts as a sense of peace descended upon my soul.

Last of all, all in all, I say this with certainty... my life is GOOD!