Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Wild and Whacky Week

Yes, it has been that kind of week! for me, at least.....

As an activist / advocate / radio show host / speaker / author, it has been jam packed with events and causes and issues!

Last Monday, I put on my Program Director and Co-founder hat for the National Women's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation to attend a meeting with a group of volunteers who may possibly select our nonprofit as the beneficiary of their fundraising event!  That was exciting because we have not found a 'niche' event to become our annual event. I found it invigorating to answer their questions and absorb their enthusiasm, too. What a great way to start off the week.


Tuesday is my radio show... named "Debra SeS" on Bold Radio Station on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm PST. I always look forward to meeting the guest and the sharing of information we exchange. Guess what? My guest was a "no show." Goodness, what is a girl to do?  Well, the show must go on, you know, so I jumped into it with both feet! I spent some radio time talking about taking risks can be scary but very beneficial, no matter your age or your situation! Take a listen to it here  " Debra SeS - Meet Debra!" or click the image below.

Friday was V-Day ! Billion Rising. Read their mission statement if you have NOT heard of it yet. NWCAVE had organized a #1BillionRising Virtual Event for those who could NOT get time away from work & home obligations. I was in charge of 3 of 8 grandkids that day ! No problem, right? I video aped them Rising, Dancing For Justice! We had our own little event in the home. I am helping to raise the next generation of activists, you know!

 my 3 Presidents - Kennedy (6), Lincoln (3), & Jaxon (8). I am such a proud Gramma!

I even worked on Saturday, prior to our family birthday party for my son and grandson!
It was for such a great cause....A Global Conversation on Human and Sex Trafficking. It was organized by Unite Women, read our mission statement!  I am the UniteWomen Washington State Director


It was sponsored by Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. We had a terrific panel, too. Somehow we managed to be engaged for 2.5 hours! Listen to the podcast, the image below.

Global Conversation on Human & Sex Trafficking

Fortunately, my frantic schedule did NOT kill me. In fact, it has made me stronger. Strong enough to benchpress a Buick? NO, maybe not.

 Whew... it really has been a fun-filled and very active week!  I remember that old adage, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Of course, I have to give it my personal spin...

Always Your Shameless Agitator,

Debra K. Adams, M.A.