Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Women's work: Is it ever done?

So, how does work get identified as men's work? or women's work? is it important to have this distinction assigned? This is a question I ask myself. Often. Any task I complete in keeping my home and person clean is work. Any task I complete in my place of employment is work. I identify myself as a woman. It is "women's work" because I am doing it. However, anyone can do these same tasks.

"Work" usually means how a person earns their income. In this 21st Century, we all realize that all people must have a means of income, generally earned via the term "work."

Work means activity involving mental or physical effort in order to achieve a result. Labor means actions especially of a physical type. Work and labor are synonyms - meanings are basically the same.  Interpretation of the meaning is directly impacted by the person using the terms, based on perspective and experience.

The word "labor" is usually attached to the process of giving birth to a baby. If our labor is for love, does gender even have a place in the discussion of the work tasks? Or is is included because female bodies give birth, which is  a very strenuous and lengthy process. My experience with labor of this kind is real and practical, I have four kids! Plus, I have had the ultimate honor of witnessing the birth of 7 of my 8 grandchildren.

Well, maybe my identity as a woman has taken me over! If work needs to be done, I do it. No questions asked.  No gender assignment required!

Because I know....

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees or Plants!!!!