Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Survivors Helping Survivors

My friend, Michelle, recently got married! She lives in the U.K. We are both part of a community created by The Missing Piece book series... this is a group of compassionate and passionate women who love to assist others, hoping to inspire others to reach greatness by sharing our particular life journeys and the pathways leading to success. This book was released in December 2013.

The next anthology in this series was released in March 2014. In this book, we shared business strategies and the practices and beliefs that propelled our personal business success. Michelle and I wrote our chapters, as well as 24 other wonderful authors.

Just when things were going exceedingly well, my friend ran into a blip....this is the type of blip one is never prepared for and does not voluntarily seek out.  You see, interpersonal violence can be devastating. It shows no mercy and spares no can happen to any one of us, at anytime.

So I am asking YOU, if you can do anything to support this amazing woman and her children, please do!!  After leaving the marital home, they are safe in local shelter. They have done everything in their power. They are brave enough to ask for help and  graceful enough accept it gratefully.  

Another friend has created the following website where you can directly support Michelle's efforts to build a new home for her family. 100% of your donation goes to them!      
Created by C Marmoy on May 21, 2014

"About a week ago, Michelle and her 2 children were locked out of their home by her husband with no access to such basics as food, toilets, clothes, shower etc. etc. for more than 36 hours. Michelle and her children were forced to go into the woods to go to the toilet as he refused to let them back in...." 

click this link to learn more

This is the website to send support directly to Michelle and her children.

We must all work together -  let's do what we can together!!